Install NTFS on CentOS 7

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10 comments on “Install NTFS on CentOS 7

  1. Ravishankar on said:

    Worked well. Thank you very much

  2. Bhagt on said:

    Great! thx a lot!

  3. Jatinder Singh on said:

    Great! Thanks

  4. Thanks !! It worked !!


  6. Thank u!!!
    It work correctly....

  7. it work also for me :)

  8. sensu custodio on said:

    Thank You, it work !! ^_^ tsurrppsss

  9. thought linux was awesome before trying it out on said:

    T H A N K S ! the first thing ever worked on linux .OK I am a newbie but thought linux was awesome before trying it out, now i think it sucks., really, a lot.

  10. anonymous coward on said:

    This is why Linux will never be used by:
    Anyone below 16 as a starter
    Persons above 40 as a starter
    Anyone who tried to install their own OS
    Anyone who never used a computer before
    Anyone who cant read english
    Anyone who dont understand what a cli is which is 99.9 human population

    Tell me a linux distro that require not a single terminal command from os install to application install to daily use to shutdown. Afaik, there is none while windows and osx do that, respectfully.
    Anyone can learn and drive an auto or manual car but only a select few can fly jetfighters. Explaining why on desktops, linux is still 1% and will stay that way.

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