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Change hostname on CentOS 0

Change hostname on CentOS

Greeting mortal friend, welcome to my shorter tech-help article ever ! I wrote it because I always forget it myself : $> sudo gedit /etc/sysconfig/network Then edit the line with HOSTNAME=donkey Click here to...

/bin/sh: chrpath: command not found 0

/bin/sh: chrpath: command not found

  Solution: sudo yum install chrpath Note : You might then have problems like this : chrpath -r `readlink -f arch/linux-i686/thelib`:`readlink -f ../arch/linux-i686/stage/opt/haivision/lib` arch/linux-i686/crtmpserver/crtmpserver `arch/linux-i686/crtmpserver/crtmpserver' probably isn't a 64-bit LSB-first ELF file. Solution :...